The Farm

Welcome to Field Stone Farm, located between Northfield and Roxbury, Vermont, on 42 beautiful acres! Family owned since 1990, the Blackmer’s started producing vegetable and fruit crops for a small CSA in 2009. Since 2009, we have grown from a backyard garden to intensively cultivating almost two acres!

Our farm features two strong women: daughter Hannah, head grower, and mother Chandra, pizza chef and culinary queen. We’re joined by several incredible staff members who keep us sane and grounded!

Prioritizing regenerative practices to bring you nutrient dense food.


We strive to utilize practices that increase soil health and microbial activity, in turn increasing the vigor, vitality, nutrient density, and pest and disease resistance in our crops. A healthy, balanced, living soil is our best and most important tool for providing you with high quality, nutrient dense food. Healthy, balanced, living farmers are the second best tool! These two pillars help to shape our practices: low till, regenerative farming that prioritizes soil building, carbon sequestration, and efficiency.

Our practices include:

  • Minimally disruptive systems for prepping beds and reducing weed pressure, such as broadforking, solarization and organic-material mulches. We never till our soil!

  • Compost, naturally-derived fertilizers and mineral soil amendments, and cover crops to improve fertility, organic matter, and soil biological activity

  • Naturally derived foliar feeding and soil drenching for improved strength and immunity at important growth stages (primarily seaweed and fish-based fertilizers, which are high in critical micro-nutrients)

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We’re also women owned and operated, and we think that’s pretty cool, too!

Mother/daughter businesses are the best!